Barr Ifeyinwa Morah- The Panacea For Positive Change in OYI/Ayamelum Federal Constituency.

It is often said that the golden fish has no hiding place. This saying makes so much meaning in today's Nigeria where the dearth of leadership has been attributed to the perennial under-development that has for decades held the country by the jugular.

Hardly is there any part of the country not affected by the common challenges of insecurity, unemployment, growing poverty, dilapidation in infrastructure and generally depleting system.

It is interesting that the people of OYI/Ayamelum Federal Constituency of Anambra State are just a step away from having their name engraved in the golden slab of communities who have taken a giant step to re-write their own story through an opportunity at their disposal to harness their God-given resources and talents to make a loud national statement. 

At the centre of this, is a successful career woman, a mother, proud daughter and above all deeply concerned stakeholder of the constituency who has volunteered herself to be the eye, nose and ear of her people. 

Barr. Ifeyinwa Morah does not only radiate the gift of natural beauty but an embodiment of good heart, care, love for her people and above all a replica of the strong will, resilience and commitment needed to take OYI/Ayamelum Federal Constituency to the world. 

It is often said that one requires no mirror to have a full glare of a ring won in the hand. No further conviction is required to prove to anyone about her enviable credentials to bring prosperity to the people. 

A builder and creator of wealth who has through God's mercy and grace carved a niche for herself in the Forex, Oil and Gas sector as well as the Legal profession where she stands tall. 

What else? God has given her all that she need but touched by the fact that she can touch more lives with a larger platform, she has made herself available to be sent as the representative of her people.

It therefore becomes crucial to reiterate that the people cannot afford to make the mistake of electing those who have the track record of betraying trust and using the people's patrimony to feather their nests instead of offering service.

The people must not commit their mandate to a dishonest fellow scavenging for a platform for survival rather than opportunity for service. 

Barr. Ify Morah has shown that she is a shoulder to cry unto, an arm to lean on and a heart that cares. 

She has not failed to use any opportunity at her disposal to show her people love through meaningful empowerment, developmental initiatives and display of care. 

As the country gears up towards the 2023 election, a golden opportunity is here for the good people of Oyi/Ayamelum federal to be counted by making a right choice for which their story will be re-written for good. 

A good product needs no advert. Her works in her personal capacity as a fulfilled woman who has enjoyed God's abundant grace and a servant who has as a private individual been a champion of development in her community is there for all to see. 

It will be the dawn of a new era when she emerges the candidate of the PDP and eventually elected at the polls to be the people's voice. 

A time to reset the constituency is now.

Barr Ifeyinwa Morah- The Panacea For Positive Change in OYI/Ayamelum Federal Constituency. Barr Ifeyinwa Morah- The Panacea For Positive Change in OYI/Ayamelum Federal Constituency. Reviewed by Africa Info on Tuesday, April 05, 2022 Rating: 5

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