Sudan protesters plan 'earthquake demonstrations'

Anti-coup protesters in Sudan are planning mass rallies on Wednesday, dubbed "the earthquake", to mark the third anniversary of the sit-in at the military headquarters in the capital that ultimately led five days later to the overthrow of Omar al-Bashir as president.

After months of demonstrations, pro-democracy activists hope "the earthquake" will weaken the grip of the military.

But the military leaders, who seized power in October, are keen to avoid a repetition of such scenes.

Roads leading to the military headquarters have been blocked off - and over the last year or so a 5m- (16ft-) high wall has been built around it.

Two bridges on the Blue Nile have already been blocked by freight containers to stop traffic and people coming into Khartoum.

Several other bridges are expected to be closed on the day. Activists say that a telecom and internet blackout is also expected.

In other measures, the authorities have announced that schools will be closed on Wednesday - a move aimed at stopping pupils rallying together before heading into the city for the protests and which may force parents to stay at home to look after their children.

Local media report that the riot police, locally known as Abu Tayra and recently sanctioned by the US, have been given cash bonuses to encourage to them to manage the protests. It is suggested that up to 20,000 of them will be deployed.

Since October's coup, more than 90 protesters have been killed and over 4,000 have been injured.

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