THE MOST WANTED: If Isingidi Picks the Senate Ticket from APGA

The roar of the Tiger (🐅) cannot be mistaken for the bleat of a sheep and other rodents that burrow in unknown tracks in the bush. The footprints of the Tiger are distinctive, unique and awe-inspiring to all hunters who usually tread with caution once the presence of the King of the Forest is perceived or announced. They know that the Tiger is brave, tenacious, fiery and precise in execution of it's tasks, in daytime or at night.  Isingidi is a man of action and he has the intellectual capacity to ride this tide.

Rt. Hon. Ben Nwankwo has undoubtedly established an indelible metaphor as the Messenger of the People, and has unequivocally tackled, prosecuted and accomplished all assignments entrusted unto his hands with a dignified sense of purpose and humility.

Instances abound and we are glaring that Isingidi, since his journey into the family of APGA, has remain unwavering,  staunch, dedicated, a cynosure, and his heart has totally been glued to the cardinal thrusts of the Party. His dreams for APGA are tall. His "yes" has remained unadulterated despite the vagaries of our political culture.

If Isingidi gets the Senatorial ticket, the job will be easier for APGA in the forthcoming elections because Isingidi the Messenger is not new in the circle. He has hewed a niche on our political firmament as a great political figure whose contributions to the party are bold and worthy of emulation.

If Isingidi gets the ticket, surely he will move on to clinch the Mandate of Anambra South people in the forthcoming Senatorial elections. When this happens our infrastructural dilapidations and rots will be turned around, and we all shall have a cause to smile.

We know Isingidi. He is not a political neophyte nor a toddler in our political arena. He is a guy we have trusted in the past and he has always justified the confidence we reposed on his shoulders. We shall send him now to a higher duty. 

Don't be deceived by those who may  flaunt their fiscal muscles against Isingidi's modest and down-to-earth disposition. He is rich at heart.  He has severally been  tested and found a worthy Messenger. Let us send Him to Red Chambers!

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