Finally, Facebook Set To Discontinue Features Including ‘Nearby Friends’, Others

Social media giant, Facebook, has said it will be removing ‘Nearby Friends’, a feature that lets people share their current location with other Facebook friends, from the app by the end of this month.

Other features to be discontinued from May 31, 2022, include Weather alerts, Location History, and Background Location.

While Facebook did not give any reason for this move, it said it would continue to collect users’ location information for “other experiences.”

In a message announcing the development, which is now being sent to users globally, the company said: “Because you’ve previously used Nearby Friends, Weather alerts, Location History, or Background Location, we’re letting you know that these products and features will no longer be available after May 31, 2022. 

Information you shared that was used for these experiences, including Location History and Background Location, will stop being collected after May 31, 2022, even if you have previously enabled them. 

Facebook will otherwise continue collecting location information for other experiences as described in our Data Policy.”

While advising users to update their location before the service is discontinued, Facebook said: “You can update your current Location History and Background Location settings in the Facebook App until May 31, 2022. After this date, the settings will be disabled.”

Facebook collects several data from its users, which include personal details, content being posted or viewed, and location.

Facebook says it uses location-related information such as your current location, where you live, the places you like to go, and the businesses and people you are near to provide, personalise and improve its products, including ads, for you and others.

Location-related information can be based on things like precise device location, IP addresses, and information from your and others’ use of Meta Products (such as check-ins or events you attend).

After discontinuing the location-based services, Facebook will continue to collect location data of its users for “other experiences”.
Finally, Facebook Set To Discontinue Features Including ‘Nearby Friends’, Others Finally, Facebook Set To Discontinue Features Including ‘Nearby Friends’, Others Reviewed by Africa Info on Monday, May 09, 2022 Rating: 5

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